The Citizen Participatory Audit

A Strategy

CPA is a strategy to uphold the people’s right to a transparent government and use of public resources built on the premise that public accountability prospers with a vigilant and involved citizenry.

A Technique

A technique in conducting audit with citizens as members of COA audit teams.

A Mechanism

CPA is a mechanism for strategic partnership and sharing of aspirations, goals, and objectives between the COA and civil society.

A Technique

CPA is a technique for citizen and civil society involvement in other areas of the COA’s work as partners.

Ways to engage

Participatory Simplication of Audit Reports

Citizens have partnered with the COA in developing simplified versions of CPA Reports, People’s CPA Reports, and Audit-In-Briefs.

Participatory Policy Formulation

Citizens have partnered with the COA in formulating COA Resolution Adopting and Mainstreaming the CPA and CPA Operational Guidelines.

Citizen Participatory Communication Management

Citizens are part of the COA Communication Management Team.

Developing training courseware & facilitating trainings

Citizens joined the COA training management teams in developing training coursewares and in facilitating the conduct of the training.

Designing data gathering instruments

Citizens assisted in designing survey questionnaires

Developing learning materials

Assists in developing infographics, videos, Powerpoint presentations, etc. for the CPA website.

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